Light in a Smile

When we smile, our muscles can send feedback to our faces and help to boost our mood. -Quincy Seal

Why do this?

  • Smiling is more contagious than Covid 19!
  • It’s the first expression you made as a baby.
  • It’s easier to smile than frown.

On Monday mornings we begin by praying with Dave and Kevin at Lakelawn Resort. You can imagine how refreshing it is to be greeted by their smiling faces and encouraging voices.

Almost every Monday we walk into Kunes Ford in Delavan and today we were greeted by a big smile at the end of the hall. What a great way to begin the day!

After turning the corner we were greeted by another smile from Daniel. We hadn’t talked to Daniel for a while and what a pleasure it was to joke around and kid each other.

When we walked into Kunes Chevrolet after lunch we were greeted by Eric Burt and if you know Eric you know we got a smile!

  • Making yourself smile can boost your overall mood. …
  • Smiling relieves stress. …
  • Smiling can work a lot of muscles! …
  • Smiles are the easiest facial expression to recognize. …

Entering the body shop we were greeted by more smiles and good natured ribbing. When we got to the office Tim shared a hilarious new face mask that brought out more smiles and laughter.

In the shop at Delavan Chevrolet Sean provoked more smiles at the thought of John hauling a donkey down the road in a pickup and the idea of a new goose down feather pillow for John. Then a short time later Brad invited us back to his new work area in the garage and caused us to smile as we learned of his new protege.

In short, we found laughter in many expected and unexpected places. We hope you will look for the opportunity to laugh and experience God’s love in the form of a smile.

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